Be safe, befriend a Dublin plumber!

Don’t you wish sometimes you had all the solutions to all of your problems? Don’t you wish you had this amazing superpower to fix anything around your house?

You have one solution available that doesn’t require you to have superpowers. It is all in your contact list…that is, if you have one big enough.

human-156741_1280Most people do not take an interest in the other people that help them around the house. They don’t really mind the electrician, the plumber, the house keeper, they just pay them to get a job done. However, you might want to reconsider that before doing anything you would regret.

Befriend anyone that helps you with your home because you never know what the next thing in line is for you. Besides, if the services were good, why not have this Dublin plumber on speed dial? Why not grant him the trust that your house needs.

Also, before befriending random people around you that can turn up to be illegitimate, ask if your plumber is licensed. This way he will be able to be close to you for a little while longer, than a not licensed one. Although licensed seem like such a dull thing, it is better to have one that to miss it. Licenses open the way for insurance and warrantees and that is something you don’t want to lose, so pick a good Dublin plumber and stick with him, it will be worth it!

Also, since you befriended this awesome plumber, maybe it is not a bad idea to have him perform checkups every once in a while. Prevention is the key to a calm, beautiful home, so don’t try and overlap it.

Here are some extra tips for the caretaker inside of you!


The problems of Dublin plumbing nobody talks about

We all know the good old Dublin, and since it is our home, we try and feel as comfortable as possible, but in the way of doing that we sometimes harm the city, more than helping it.

Sometimes, poor judgements create problems for us that we shouldn’t even have if we paid more attention.

One of these problems is the poor Dublin plumbing because of the tree roots. How is that possible you may think? It’s quite simple, actually. All you need to do is plant a tree near the house building, wait for a few decades and then you shall enjoy the dread of having leaks all around the house.

Tree roots are very rigid and strong pieces of wood hat can seriously harm the plumbing system.

Old pipes can be broken and you might lose water even as we speak, and you wouldn’t even know it. How can you tell if you have this problem?

First of all there are patches of greener grass on your lawn, which means there are subterranean puddles that fuel the grass. Also, if there is water backing up in the lowest point in your house, this is also a sign of pipe leaking.

Are there cracks in you walkway? Than you should have a plumber check the underground pipes because there is definitely a root that is cracking the concrete. At least don’t let it ruin your Dublin plumbing, too.

What else can you do? Well, that is a question only professional plumbers can answer. Feel free to click here if you have any question about the Dublin plumbing.


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