Weird things the plumbers in Dublin have found

Being a plumber means, most of the time going through the waste of other people. Of course, not always, but usually that happens when one has a clogged toilet. Therefore I decided to write about the weirdest thing the plumbers in Dublin have found in people’s plumbing, just in case you feel embarrassed about the things you flush away.

Once, I had a call at an apartment, because the toilet was clogged and was making a mess inside the house. Guess what I got out the toilet? An entire bed sheet was spreading over I meter inside the plumbing. No wonder the poor toilet was clogged.

Another curious thing I got out of a toilet was a mop head. I am not sure how that got there, but it was quite difficult to get it out. It took me a little over two hours to get the job done.

One time I was purely amazed. I got out of the drain no less than 21 pairs of men’s underwear. Truly, I was muted. It would have been understandable if them man that was living there was a bachelor (although even so, he could have just throw them out in the rubbish), but the poor man was married, with two children. Something was wrong there, for sure, but who was I to judge?

Once I was so surprised to get a call from a house in the outskirts of Dublin, saying the drain were making weird noises. When I got there, a little badger was trying to get out of the plumbing. Again, I didn’t know what to say. How did it get there?

As you may have already figured it out… no day is dull for the plumbers in Dublin.


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